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Dr. Nickholas Anting, PhD

Data Scientist | Academician | Certified Trainer
Faculty of Civil Engineering, UTHM, Malaysia
NASPSOFT Data Science Academy

Dr. Nickholas or Dr. Nick is a lecturer and researcher at University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia in the field of Civil Engineering. He is also a Data Scientist and currently appoint as consultant by Ministry of Education Malaysia. Conduct training and coaching in the field of Data Science and Digital Technology, including Machine Learning, Python Programming, Visual Programming with KNIME & Analytics Visualization.


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My blogpost are mainly about Data Science, Machine Learning, Science & Engineering, Digital Technology and general knowledge. I write this blog purposely to share knowledge and tutorials. Subscribe to my website to receive updates of the new content in my blog.

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New Release

Machine Learning with KNIME Analytics Platform

Visual programming technique. No coding require.

International Version

Paperback - USD30.00

E-Book - USD18.00

Malaysian Version

Paperback - RM120.00 (Direct Order from Me)

This book is purposely written for professional who want to work with machine learning without writing any programming code. KNIME Analytics Platform is a visual programming tools that allow user to process data in machine learning without writing any programming code. The programming unit or processing unit is represented by node, and each node has its own function. The book will guide user step-by-step how to create machine learning algorithm with NO CODING requires.